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Craft Cannabis Means More Pleasant Moments

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Metro Detroit and Lansing Delivery Now Available

We are excited to offer express delivery of our premium flower, prerolls, vape carts, concentrates, and more to many locations throughout Lansing and the Detroit metro area.

Metro Detroit DeliveryLansing Delivery

Cannabis Retail, Redefined

Our retail locations are designed with one goal in mind: to make you feel welcome. Our knowledgeable “Guides” will greet you with a warm smile, a genuine interest in your needs, and will help you find the right product every time. We offer the best selection of medical marijuana compared to any dispensary.

Superior Cannabis Cultivation

We’ve been cultivating cannabis for over a decade, focusing on consistency from crop to crop and expanding our portfolio of strains.

A Pleasant State of Mind

We believe that life is made of little moments. And to us, it’s these little moments that really matter. Whether it’s a home cooked meal shared with people you love, or a quick conversation with a total stranger you just met out back “getting some fresh air”. It's these little moments that have made us look at cannabis differently. While some use the plant as a way to escape reality, we simply use it to make reality Pleasant.

The Latest Cannabis Dispensary News & Insights

We bring you the most current news and insights in the ever-growing industry of cannabis. From interviews with growers to the latest news and events, our goal is to keep you up to date with all cannabis dispensary updates.

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