Cannabis Products to Make You Smile.

We grow cannabis that is beautiful, flavorful, aromatic, and pure. All of our products are lab-tested to make sure they’re of a quality and purity deserving of the Pleasantrees name. Yes, even the t-shirts.

Jarred Flower

Our jarred flower is the crown jewel of the Pleasantrees family. Each jar has been carefully curated with hand-harvested and hand-trimmed flower. Only flower of the highest quality, aroma, structure, and trichome density is selected to be jarred. Our strict curation process guarantees that every Pleasantrees jar you purchase is filled with the most premium craft flower available. Be assured, no matter which strain you choose, it is promised to be a Pleasant one.

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Live Hash Rosin

Our Live Hash Rosin begins with our premium craft flower, rich in trichomes, and terpenes. The flower is then freshly frozen, hand-washed, and then pressed at the lowest temperature possible. This perfectly preserves the flower’s flavorful and aromatic terpenes. Our live hash rosin is always solvent-free because we know that the most pleasant cannabis is pure cannabis.

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Infused Pre-Rolls

We’re doubling down on the quality you have come to expect from Pleasantrees products by infusing our favorite flower strains with our premium rosin. Enjoy a terpene-rich taste, a smooth burn, and an elevated high. We’re thrilled to Introduce the Pleasantrees 1 Gram Rosin Infused Pre-Roll, the newest edition to our product lineup. The best of what we make and what we stand for.

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We did the hard part, so you can enjoy the Pleasant part. Our pre-rolls are made with carefully ground premium, hand-trimmed flower. Each one is then gently rolled and folded to achieve that perfect burn we all love. Simply spark and enjoy.

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Liquid Trichs - Live Rosin Cartridges

Leave the rig at home. You can now enjoy our Live Hash Rosin in a more convenient way, we call it Liquid Trichs. We proudly produce our Live Rosin solvent and additive-free. This allows you to have a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience.

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The same premium hand-trimmed flower you love, just in a slightly smaller size. These powerful little Smalls pack the same quality and potency as our jarred flower and are always guaranteed to please.

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When you’ve worked this hard to grow something so Pleasant, it only makes sense to want to share it. That’s why Pleasantrees is proud to supply our craft cannabis to 3rd party vendors.
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