Social Equity

Grow Right. Do Right.

Cannabis should never have been illegal. We’re doing all we can to mitigate the harmful effects of prohibition from creating equal access across the value chain of the industry to eliminating the cultural stigma surrounding this incredible plant.

Our Approach

We focus on four areas of engagement to help create equitable access across the value chain of the legal cannabis industry. Within each of these areas we work with a handful of partners to make sure that our efforts are as impactful as possible.


We create financial opportunities throughout the value chain, from maintaining a robust staff of individuals with non-violent cannabis convictions to incubating independent talent and businesses that serve the industry.


We provide life skills training to our staff, their families, and our communities through qualified partners in order to close the life skills gap that often tracks closely with or is the direct result of incarceration.


We support elected officials, individual pieces of legislation, and organizations that work to mitigate the effects of prohibition and create equitable opportunity for those disproportionately affected.

Good Neighbor

We take action and fund initiatives in local communities in which we operate to help make life a little more livable in ways that matter to our neighbors - such as addressing food insecurity, housing insecurity, safety, and the environment.

Our Partners

In order to make a real impact, we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to find others that share the same goals and vision for the future as we do. Here's the list of partners we work with on a continuing basis.

Talent Development Coalition of Pontiac

Good Neighbors Help Out.

In addition to forming strong relationships with industry-leading partners, Pleasantrees works with a variety of local charitable organizations  that make a difference in the lives of our communities.

We could use your help.

If you know of an organization who can help us in our efforts, please get in touch. We're always looking for ways to grow our community.