Best Cannabis Vape Carts in East Lansing

One of the most exciting aspects of being involved in the cannabis industry is the sheer variety of strains, flavors, and formats. And while our East Lansing dispensary stocks an exceptional range of fresh, fragrant flower, one of the hottest categories we offer is our selection of cannabis vaporizer cartridges.


If you’re not yet familiar with the cannabis vape, we think you’re in for a treat! While it delivers the same rapid onset as smoked cannabis, a cannabis vaporizer offers several potential advantages. If you’re interested in exploring the wide world of the cannabis vape cartridge, you’ve come to the right place.



An Introduction to the Cannabis Vape


As you may have guessed, the “vape” in “cannabis vape” is short for “vaporizer,” and that’s exactly what these high-tech devices do. By heating up ground cannabis flower (or, more commonly, a pure cannabis oil or distillate) to the point that the active cannabinoids and terpenes are released, they deliver these powerful plant compounds without the potentially irritating smoke that accompanies cannabis smoked in a pipe or pre-rolled joint


While research supports that the smoke produced by burning marijuana flower is less harmful than tobacco, it can still irritate the airways in our lungs, leading to an increased risk of bronchitis and other respiratory issues.


There’s a wide variety in cannabis vaporizer formats, ranging from simple pen-style units that work with pre-filled cartridges to elaborate tabletop units designed to work with any potential form of cannabis. In the following sections, we’ll introduce a few of them, and why they might be the right choice given your specific needs and goals.



The Best Cannabis Vapes in East Lansing: Cartridge Options


As we mentioned a moment ago, the most basic and ubiquitous cannabis vaporizer is the simple pen-style unit. Generally comprising a rechargeable battery section mated to what’s known as a “510-style” cannabis vape cartridge, these units are compact, discreet, and easy to use. All that’s required is to place the mouthpiece between your lips, press a button (though some models are activated simply by inhaling) and then gently inhale until the desired amount of cannabinoid-rich vapor has been dispensed.


One of the greatest advantages of these units is the sheer variety of vape cartridge options. From designer options such as ever-popular Gelato strain to the anxiety-fighting Creamsicle strain, there’s no end to options in this category.



Advanced Cannabis Vaporizer Choices: The Puffco Plus


While vape pens offer simplicity and ease of use, sometimes it’s nice to have options. And with a new extra-large ceramic chamber, extendable dart mouthpiece, and the same game-changing elements that made the original Puffco such a hit, the Puffco Plus offers you options in spades.


The Plus is technically a dab pen, meaning that it’s designed to work with cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, or live resin. This means that it’s not quite as simple to use as a vape pen. Instead, you need to load a small amount of concentrate into the chamber using the combination mouthpiece/scoop. (Hint: If you want to get up to speed on the world of cannabis concentrates, start with our quick guide.)


With exceptional versatility and best-in-class design, the Puffco Plus is well-loved by shoppers at our Michigan dispensaries and the only choice for those who want a truly phenomenal vaping experience on the go.


East Lansing Cannabis Vape Cartridges at Pleasantrees


Do you have any other questions about cannabis vapes? Just ask! Better yet, stop by our beautiful East Lansing dispensary and say “Hi.” We’d love to meet you, learn what you’re looking for, and show off our lineup of exceptional cannabis vape cartridges, accessories and concentrates.

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