Pistil Janes: A Leading Light of the Michigan Women in Cannabis Movement

One of the many upsides of running a family of dispensaries means that we get to interact with a great many inspiring cannabis cultivators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. Given that it sprang from the Pleasantrees family, one of the most exciting offerings of the last few years is Pistil Janes, a women-led purveyor of exceptional Michigan-grown cannabis flower bred for specific effects. The brand is a leading light of the women in cannabis movement, and we couldn’t be prouder to offer their products in our Michigan dispensaries.


If you’ve yet to sample Pistil Janes’ cannabis flower offerings, you’re in for a treat. Here’s the story behind this exciting brand and their mission to empower and uplift other Michigan women.



Women in Cannabis: The Pistil Janes Story


Michigan certainly doesn’t lack for exceptional cannabis flower. If the winters can be, well…challenging, the hot summer months and warm fall are perfect for producing top-shelf cannabis. Seeing as all the cannabis plants we humans consume are female—yes, really!—it makes all the more sense that a women-centered cannabis brand would rise to the very top of the pack.


Why focus on women? As numerous studies show, cannabis—especially high-THC flower—can be effective in combating pain, inflammation, and stress, especially when used in moderation. As a result, cannabis is tailor-made for reducing the impacts of menstrual and premenstrual discomfort. This dovetails with Pistil Janes’ mission to help normalize and destigmatize cannabis and empower women through volunteer efforts, hygiene product drop-boxes, and donations.


When it comes to categorizing their cannabis flower, Pistil Janes takes an unusual approach. Like most top-shelf THC flower, their offerings are single-strain varietals. However, they’re classified in three groups for targeted effects:



Interested in trying out some Pistil Janes for yourself? Find the Michigan dispensary most convenient to you and then search our constantly updating live menu for strains!



Women in Cannabis: Wrapping Up the Pistil Janes Story


If you can’t tell, we’re incredibly excited to be offering Pistil Janes products in our Michigan dispensaries. Do you have any other questions about cannabis flower or women in cannabis? Just ask! We’re here to help.