Where To Find the Best OG Strains in Detroit

It’s a term that you’ve probably heard before if you’re a fan of cannabis, but you still might not know exactly what it means. And to make matters even more confusing, you may get a different answer depending on who you ask. We’re talking, of course, about the term “OG.” But never fear! In this post, we’ll get to the bottom of what “OG” means in terms of cannabis plants, along with highlighting some of the best OG strains in Detroit and the best 21+ recreational Detroit dispensary to find them in.



What Does “OG” Mean?


First, we need to address the elephant in the room. What does the term “OG” actually mean? That can depend a lot on who you ask. In the hip hop community, the term generally means “Original Gangster.” In this context, it can refer to the original version of anything. For example, you could refer to the first Star Wars movie as “the OG Star Wars.”


However, this isn’t what “OG” means in a cannabis context. Instead, the term more likely means “Ocean Grown.” In this version of the OG story, cannabis breeder Matt “Bubba” Berger, the same person who bred the original Bubba Kush, invented the “OG” moniker. He bred his own version of a Kush plant, and wanted to differentiate it from other phenotypes. Berger lived in Florida at the time, and dubbed his Kush plant “Ocean Grown (OG) Kush.”


Although evidence suggests that “OG” does indeed mean “Ocean Grown,” the jury is still out on this topic. As a result, some may argue that the acronym means something else. If you run into someone at a local Detroit dispensary who’s adamant about a different definition, sometimes it’s better to just agree to disagree since much of cannabis breeding history is shrouded in mystery and somewhat hazy.


Traits of OG Strains


While no two strains are identical, there are some definite similarities that nearly all OG strains share. For one, the vast majority of OG strains sport indica genetics. That means they usually have low-key, relaxing, and borderline sedative effects. However, as breeders continue to play with the cannabis genome, we’ve begun to see some sativa-leaning OG strains as well.


Another main trait of OG strains is their aroma. There’s no denying it: OG strains smell like dirt. It’s actually a fairly subtle scent that many newer cannabis users have difficulty identifying. But once you get a puff of a real OG and taste the “dirt” flavor, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.


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The Best OG Strains in Detroit


You can read about OG strains all day. But to really understand them, you’ll want to try them yourself! Fortunately, some of the best OG strains in Detroit can be found right here at Pleasantrees Hamtramck.


Garlic Sherbert


Who could pass up the intriguing combination of fruit and garlic wrapped up in a cannabis strain? A fan favorite at our recreational Detroit dispensary, Garlic Sherbert is a cross between GMO and Sunset Sherbert. It offers balanced effects that provide a brighter mood and a sense of calm without too much sedation, making it great for daytime use.


Mitten Breath


This offshoot of Mendo Breath gets its OG genetics via OG Kush Breath (aka “OGKB”). There’s been a ton of hype around this genetic line, since Mitten Breath also includes Dosidos, one of the biggest strains of 2020 in Detroit recreational dispensaries.


Lava Cake


One of our Detroit dispensary staff’s favorite strains, Lava Cake gets its OG genetics by way of its Girl Scout Cookies strain pedigree. Offering up notes of sweet cake with hints of fruit and nut, Lava Cake’s flower has beautiful purple hues running throughout. A pleasure to both behold and consume.


Wedding Mints


Just like Lava Cake, Wedding Mints gets its OG lineage via Girl Scout Cookies. Wedding Mints marries a delectable sweetness with an earthy musk, with indica-leaning genetics that make it a great way to boost your mood and relax.


Apple Fritter


A true hybrid, Apple Fritter offers up its balanced effects thanks to its Sour Apple and Animal Cookies lineage. Apple Fritter can both uplift spirits while relaxing the mind and body, making it a good choice for newcomers to cannabis and those looking for a truly balanced experience.



Explore the Best OG Strains at Pleasantrees Michigan


You can find these and other strains from the OG lineage at our 21+ Pleasantrees Hamtramck dispensary near Detroit. Or, explore what OG genetics we have in stock at any of our other Michigan locations: East Lansing, Lincoln Park, Houghton Lake, or Mt. Clemens. We look forward to seeing you!