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Pleasantrees: Bringing World Class Cannabis Cultivation to Michigan

In our latest feature on Michigan’s best cannabis cultivators, we sat down with Isaiah Dawid, COO of Pleasantrees. Using decades of experience operating world-class cannabis grows, Isaiah is now producing the best cannabis that the Midwest has ever seen. Combining a mix of old school, west coast growing knowledge with the latest in cultivation technology – Isaiah and Pleasantrees are setting the new standard for top-shelf Michigan cannabis.


Isaiah started growing cannabis as soon as it was legal when he was living in Santa Cruz, CA. Learning from old school growers with decades of experience, he supplied premium flower to many dispensaries in LA and throughout California. To further improve his cultivation knowledge, Isaiah went on to earn a degree in biochemistry from San Jose State University. After college, Isaiah worked on large scale indoor and outdoor grows across California in Salinas valley, Santa Cruz, Monterrey, and San Jose. One of his biggest successes came from founding Clout King, whose flagship flower Peanut Butter Cup has gone on to become one of California’s most sought-after strains.


Seeking a new challenge, Isaiah was invited by founder Randall Buchman to check out the Pleasantrees team, cultivation, processing, and retail facilities/establishments. After being blown away by the cutting edge technology within each Pleasantrees location and expertise of the team already in place, Isaiah assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer and the rest in history!


Quality Flower Starts With Quality Genetics


The base for all of Pleasantrees top-shelf flower is using the best cannabis genetics available. Using experience gained from cultivating in California, Isaiah and the Pleasantrees team went on a pheno-hunting mission for the best Mid-Western genetics available in Michigan. What they mainly look for is an exotic profile and smell, along with gooey, resinous buds with THC levels over 25%.


Once they’ve selected superior mother plants from their favorite genetics, Pleasantrees inspect “cuts” in their in-house genetic lab for tissue analysis. Cuttings start in an aeroponic environment until the root growth is sufficiently developed. The young plants are then moved into five gallon coco bags and placed under T5 lights. The plants grow quickly and finish flowering in growing conditions customised for each strain. Only organic oils and natural pest management practices are used to preserve the integrity of the flower.


Once it’s time for harvest, buds are hand trimmed and left to cure for a full 20 days to gradually bring the moisture content down. This ensures a smooth smoke that retains all of the bud’s natural terpenes. A few of Isaiah’s favorite flowers at the moment include: Fudge Ripple (Gelato 41 x Jet Fuel Gelato), Terdz (Jet Fuel Gelato x Runtz), Candy Rain (London Pound Cake x Gelato), and Mom’s Spaghetti (Biscotti x GMO).


The Best is Yet to Come


Pleasantrees is excited to release live rosin cartridges within the next few weeks and a full selection of BHO concentrates coming soon after. No matter what you try from Pleasantrees cultivation, you can be assured that they have tended to every detail, no matter how small, to ensure the finished product is the best you’ll find on the market. You can find Pleasantrees products at our retail store in East Lansing and other sales locations throughout Michigan