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Noble Road: Craft Cannabis Cookies Made in Lansing, MI

In our latest feature on the people behind Michigan’s best cannabis products, we met up with Travis Wilson, Owner/Operator for Noble Road. As a local edible and solventless hash rosin maker, Noble Road is putting Lansing, Michigan on the map for producing consistently tasty and potent cannabis products. 


While Travis worked as a hospice nurse in 2016, he noticed that patients using medical cannabis to aide in their suffering from end-of-life symptoms seemed to be experiencing a much higher overall quality of life than those not using cannabis. Travis was completely blown away by the multitudes of health benefits he witnessed first-hand, so much so that it inspired him to leave his nursing career to create his very own business with his passion to promote wellness and healing through cannabis in the forefront of his mind. 


Aside from enjoying the benefits of cannabis recreationally and medically for the majority of his life, Travis entered the cannabis industry with meager resources and a limited knowledge base. But he kept grinding, immersing himself in the cannabis industry, spending every minute consumed by this newfound obsession, and quickly became an expert in the field. 


Once Travis was ready to take the plunge into cannabis business ownership, a revered Lansing bakery was serendipitously just coming onto the market. After 50 years, the owners of Roma Bakery closed its doors for retirement and as if by fate, Travis was able to acquire the bakery with the financial assistance of a few childhood friends. A year later, they proudly opened their doors with some of the most delectable edibles and cleanest rosin on the market. However, Travis says he will never forget his humble roots, and each member of his team shares his passion and vision to promote wellness and healing through high quality, meticulously crafted cannabis products.



Old World Techniques Makes 21st Century Edibles


Every Noble Road edible can be traced back to a premier Michigan cannabis grower. Noble Road uses food-grade rosin and other full-spectrum solventless extracts to medicate cannabutter for infusion into edibles. And as a nod to Roma Bakery, Noble Road Co. still uses the original Middleby Marshall oven to bake their chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, and molasses cookies as well as the melt-in-your-mouth double fudge brownies.



Elevating the quality even further, Noble Road candy is exclusively medicated with solventless hash rosin as they feel this provides a far superior full-spectrum experience. Take it from us – you will have a hard time eating only one. Aside from the perfect original caramel, they have created a delicious strawberry cream caramel and a mind-numbingly good coffee caramel. Not only do their caramels make us drool, but we also haven’t even mentioned their scrumptious fruit gems…did you know that they are painstakingly crafted with real fruit? Obviously, we can’t get enough of Noble Road Co. products, and we know you won’t either. Stop by a Pleasantrees Michigan dispensary and find out what the hype is behind Noble Road Co. today!