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Noble Road: Craft Cannabis Cookies Made in Lansing, MI

In our latest feature on the people behind Michigan’s best cannabis products, we met up with Brandon Riley, Operations Manager for Noble Road. As a local edible and distillate maker, Noble Road is putting Lansing, Michigan on the map for producing consistently tasty and potent cannabis products. 


Brandon consumed cannabis in college but moved to Illinois after graduating, where he didn’t use cannabis for the next 10 years. Moving back to Michigan proved to be an eye opening experience, where he started to see the excellent quality that a legal market produces. The flower left him impressed, but he also saw a lack of good edibles with strong potency available in Michigan. 


Knowing it was the time to act, Brandon purchased the historic Roma Bakery in Lansing, Michigan to use as the headquarters for Noble Road. He hired top quality baking talent to develop their initial line of brownies & cookies. Their first batches consisted of chocolate chip, molasses, and peanut butter – all being met with wide acclaim for their potency and excellent taste. 



Old World Techniques Makes 21st Century Edibles


Every Noble Road cookie can be traced back to an excellent cannabis grower. While Noble Road will soon grow their own flower, they currently have developed deep relationships with premier Michigan growers. Noble Road takes trim, shake, and smalls from these growers and turns it into extremely potent cannabutter. Depending on the crop, Noble Road will also occasionally use hash to make their cannabutter. 


Once the cannabutter is produced, the next step is to use the giant cookie depositor from the old Roma Bakery to create huge batches of raw cookie dough. Flavorings and ingredients are then added to the cookies before they are put in the oven to create a delicious, lasting high. 


There is no set process for developing new products and flavors. What matters most to Noble Road is getting feedback from customers and making calculated iterations on small batches. These iterations have produced some of Brandon’s personal favorites, such as their molasses, warm holiday spice, and pumpkin spice with white chocolate cookies. There is also a peppermint sugar cookie coming soon that has everyone at Noble Road extremely excited.


Vape Carts, Bubble Hash, and More Coming Soon


Always looking to push their boundaries, Noble Road is very close to rolling out a new line of vape carts in the next few months. The first vape cart will be a Biscotti, with 7 more strains such as Paris OG, GG4, Master Kush, and more following soon. They also have solventless bubble hash coming down the line this fall. 


This small Lansing based group works extremely hard and has come together as a family. We can confidently say that their edibles are some of the best in Michigan and we can’t wait to see what they come out with next.