Michigan State University Book Scholarship

Pleasantrees Cannabis Company is excited to announce the sponsorship of a new book scholarship. The company recognizes the disparate impact the criminalization of cannabis has had on certain communities. Noting that Pleasantrees operates a retail store in East Lansing, Michigan, it endeavors to make positive impact within the local community and support students at the university. In that vein and towards this goal, this scholarship will provide ten (10) $500 book scholarships to qualified applicants.


Applicant Criteria (Must meet ALL categories):


  • Be a member of an ethnic minority group that is historically underrepresented in
    higher education, including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Black/African American;
    • Hispanic or LatinX;
    • Asian/Pacific Islander; or
    • First Nations/Indigenous.
  • Be a current/former resident of a city/municipality that has been disparately impacted by the criminalization of cannabis (as is established and routinely updated by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency; see: https://www.michigan.gov/mra/0,9306,7-386-93535_93538-500313–,00.html).
  • Have a combined household income less than $50,000 annually.
  • Be able to express how the major and/or discipline the applicant is pursuing will be used to positively improve their communities from a social equity standpoint. (To meet this requirement, applicants should submit a short statement between 150-250 words).
  • Be an enrolled MSU student.
  • Application Deadline: April 31st, 2021


Send Submissions and Inquiries to:
Jerome Crawford
Director of Legal Operations and Social Equity
[email protected]


Use “Pleasantrees Scholarship Submission | [INSERT NAME]” in the subject line of the email