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Stop By our location in Lincoln Park, located conveniently off I-75, just north of Toledo. If you are heading up to Detroit, we would love to see you in Hamtramck.
Lincoln Park, MI
21+ Rec Between Detroit & Ohio

Lincoln Park, MI

1504 John A Papalas Dr
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Everyday: 10am - 9pm

Hamtramck, MI
21+ Rec 5 Mins from Detroit

Hamtramck, MI

2238 Holbrook Ave
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 774-0700

Everyday: 10am - 10pm

New Releases

We’re excited to announce our newest edition to the Pleasantrees concentrates lineup. The All-In-One Liquid Trichs® Disposable is sleek, easy & discrete. It’s filled with a half-gram of live hash rosin which we proudly produce solvent and additive-free.

Superior Cannabis Cultivation

We’ve been cultivating cannabis for over a decade, focusing on consistency from crop to crop and expanding our portfolio of strains.

A Pleasant State of Mind

We believe that life is made of little moments. And to us, it’s these little moments that really matter. Whether it’s a home cooked meal shared with people you love, or a quick conversation with a total stranger you just met out back “getting some fresh air”. It's these little moments that have made us look at cannabis differently. While some use the plant as a way to escape reality, we simply use it to make reality Pleasant.

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We bring you the most current news and insights in the ever-growing industry of cannabis. From interviews with growers to the latest news and events, our goal is to keep you up to date with all cannabis dispensary updates.

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