What Are Pre-rolls? The Ultimate Guide To Pre-rolls

Love smoking joints but prefer to pass on rolling them yourself? We totally get it! Joints are fast-acting and flavorful and can be a great way to enjoy cannabis with other people. However, if you’re not an experienced joint roller, rolling one up can be a frustrating experience—and smoking a poorly-rolled joint can be even more frustrating. 


Luckily, you don’t have to roll your own joints. You can just drop by our dispensary and pick up a perfectly pre-rolled joint instead. Or, you can pick up a pre-rolled cone and fill it with flower yourself, which is one of our favorite hacks. What are pre-rolls and cones, and what are the benefits of cannabis pre-rolls? 



What are Pre-rolls?


Pre-rolls are joints that have already been rolled for you, taking the work out of your hands and allowing you to enjoy the smoke with none of the hassle. What are pre-rolls good for? They make joints accessible for anyone and everyone, including those who can’t roll a joint very well, don’t have the time to roll a joint, or simply don’t want to. 


Some pre-rolls are made with ‘shake’ or ‘trim’ (loose cannabis flower), while others are made with ground buds. Other pre-rolls may be infused with concentrates such as hash, kief, or cannabis oil, giving them a potent kick and making them stronger than regular pre-rolls. 


At the end of the day, it’s important to read the package your pre-rolls come in to get an idea of just what they contain and how strong they really are.


How to Smoke a Pre-roll


There are no special tips or techniques you need to be aware of when it comes to how to smoke a pre-roll. Arguably, the most important thing to know about how to smoke a pre-roll is the right way to light it. Lighting a joint incorrectly can lead to it burning unevenly. Luckily, lighting it correctly isn’t difficult.


To light your pre-roll the right way, apply your light to the tip just like you would a cigarette. As you light it, rotate the joint in a circle between your thumb and index finger to ensure that the full cylinder lights evenly. After it is lit evenly, place it between your lips and take a few, very small puffs to pull the burn upward and get it going. Most importantly, be patient. Your pre-roll may not light immediately and you may have to go through the process again. 


After it’s lit, you can go ahead and enjoy your pre-roll until it finishes or goes out and needs to be lit again. You can always smoke part of it, then gently snuff it out in a clean ashtray and save it for sparking up later.



How to Make a Pre-rolled Cone


Want to smoke a joint filled with your own flower but also don’t want to deal with rolling it yourself? There’s a midpoint between pre-rolls and hand-rolled joints: pre-rolled cones. Pre-rolled cones use paper that’s been pre-rolled but that is open at one end (a filter will be in place already at the other end as your mouthpiece). The cone allows you to fill up the vessel with your own flower without any of the difficulty of rolling a joint from scratch.


Pre-rolled cones are super easy to make and can be a great way to customize your pre-rolls. Here’s how to make a pre-rolled cone:

That’s pretty much all there is to it. You now know how to make a pre-rolled cone. Where can you buy ready-to-fill, pre-rolled cones? The dispensary or a smoke shop will typically sell them.


Cannabis Pre-rolls at Pleasantrees


Here at Pleasantrees, we only offer premium, hand-trimmed “smalls” (littler buds from the same premium plants you know and love from our flower selection). Our hand-rolled, 1-gram cone pre-rolls are a popular Pleasantrees specialty. For those who want a slimmer option, our 0.5-gram or 0.7-gram, cigarette-style joints are both made with the same crafted care—utilizing the same smalls, plus premium trim.


All our pre-rolls contain flower ground using a top-quality grinder to make sure the material is consistent in size. This ensures the pre-roll will burn properly, preventing the joint from “running” (also called canoeing).


Want to try a cannabis pre-roll for yourself? Then stop by one of our dispensaries today, or check out our online menu in Michigan or Massachusetts to shop a wide selection of pre-rolls in a variety of strains and potency levels.