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Clout King Drops Terdz: The Best Cannabis in Michigan

Pleasantrees is excited to announce that Michigan now has access to one of the most beautiful, strongest smelling, and potent cannabis strains available in the world. That strain is called Terdz, and famed California cultivator Clout King has dropped in Michigan this month. You may wonder, do I want to smoke Terdz? Well the answer is unequivocally yes. You want to inhale all the Terdz that you can get your dirty hands on. 



Decades of Cultivation Experience, Condensed into a Single Strain


To understand how Terdz came about, you have to understand the years of cultivation experience that went into creating it. Z, founder and head grower at Clout King, started  cultivating cannabis in 2006. For the first decade he stayed under the radar honing his craft as an expert grower of medical cannabis. Around 2015, Z reconsidered his “behind the scenes” strategy when a few of his friends released top-notch strains that snowballed into successful brands. As the legal cannabis market started growing in California, these brands began setting trends nationwide. And the inspiration behind Clout King was born. 


Before launching Clout King, Z was never really into social media. He would join group chats with friends to share memes, and had always traded jokes with his brothers. But social media was a completely new area for him to take on. So when Z started posting cannabis memes on Instagram, he was shocked at the following that he quickly developed. 


He started going after cultivators who overstated the size of their grows and quality of their bud. He created fake characters satirizing what people hate about the cannabis industry, and staged publicity stunts that attracted a huge audience. As more and more of his followers started asking Z what he was smoking, he started formally promoting the best weed he grew under the brand name Clout King.



The Name is Terdz, but the Buds are Diamonds


About a year ago Z was touring cannabis grows in Massachusetts. The trip ended up being a disappointment since the majority of the cannabis that he came across was very low quality. He joked that you could grow a turd and it would sell compared to what else was on the market. So he decided to do just that (in name only).


While the name is satirical, the bud is very serious. Terdz is an Indica heavy cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and Runtz. The cross is very gelato heavy, and leaves you with a hardcore Indica stone. The buds are extremely colorful, dark purple and light green with plenty of orange hairs.  The buds are covered in huge glassy trichomes. If you are anywhere near Terdz, you encounter an extremely strong gas and gelato stench, instantly signifying the flower’s strength. And with THC levels consistently over 30%, it’s easy to see why people drive for more than 2 hours to pick up fresh Terdz.  



New Terdz Lines Coming Down the Pipe Soon 


Within the next few weeks, Terdz prerolls will be available at Pleasantrees East Lansing provisioning center (not an East Lansing dispensary) and Pleasantrees Hamtramck provisioning center (not a Detroit dispensary). Unlike many prerolls on the market, Clout King uses premium small buds (instead of just trim) and takes the time to remove all stems. The joints are not packed too tightly to ensure a smooth burn and are extremely potent. 


Terdz with also be available a Terdlets; hand trimmed small buds that have the same potency as their bigger brothers. Terdlets offer pretty much the same great Terdz experience as regular buds, but at a more affordable price (great for smoking blunts). Finally, Terdz is also releasing vape cartridges filled with live rosin for maximum Terdz flavor and terpene retention. 


You can pre-order Terdz at Pleasantrees East Lansing, Pleasantrees Hamtramck, or many other dispensaries across Michigan.